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04 Dec Perseverance is key to Nongnooch Garden’s survival
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Nong Nooch Garden, which is a Pattaya landmark strive for perfection Nong Nooch Garden is set in a beautifully landscaped park and can ea..
01 Dec Bangkok's Ratchada Train Night Market is back with a new name after rumours that it's gone for good
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the popular market is back a stone's throw away from its old location under a new name, Jodd Fairs. On Nov 25, Jodd Fairs uploaded a Facebook post ..
08 Jul Microsoft Issues Serious Windows 10 Upgrade Warning
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Windows 10’s one billion users need to be on high alert because Microsoft has issued a serious update warning and everyone needs to take action. Th..
03 Apr Eat This Guilt Free Meat in 5 Years
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It's the only thing that will save us from us. Companies like Eat Just are the future of food. ..
02 Apr Fully vaccinated people can resume travel at ‘low risk,’ CDC says
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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday said fully vaccinated people can safely travel at “low risk” after the agency had held o..
29 Mar China, Thailand sign agreement on high-speed rail line
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China, Thailand sign agreement on high-speed rail line, set to open in 2026 Thai transportation authorities and Chinese construction corporations sig..
08 Mar Ms Liu makes history at Lazada
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Confidence in e-commerce growth is the key to success, says business pioneer Jessica Liu was made chief executive of Lazada Thailand in January 2021,..
26 Feb What tourists need to know about Makha Bucha Day
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Makha Bucha Day Makha is the 3rd lunar month and Bucha means to honor. Makha Bucha commemorates the full moon day of the 3rd lunar month when Buddha ..
21 Feb ThailandPlus Application for foreign tourists
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Foreign tourists who have received the certificate of entry to Thailand are now required to download the ThailandPlus app, prior to their arrival, the..
14 Feb Singapore Dj Juz keep 90's eurodance and man yao (Chinese EDM) music moving virtually.
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Physical contacting of partying and clubbing ended since Q1 of 2020 because of COVID-19 pandemic. Singapore DJ Juz never stop his passion in music and..
01 Feb Japanese mall graciously brings down the shutters on 35 years in Thailand
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Tokyu department store has closed after 35 years operation in Thailand. Manager reported that a modest closing ceremony at Mahboonkrong Center (MBK)..
24 Jan Thai researcher describes process and after effects of her COVID-19 vaccination
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A person who is inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine can still become infected, so there is still a need to observe strict social distancing and wear fac..
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