Double beds are available in Lufthansa’s new first class. From in 2024, flights will have the brand-new Allegris first class suites.

With Lufthansa’s creative approach to first class, couples may create an in-flight experience more akin to a private room above the clouds by sharing a two-person suite that transforms into a 1.4m-wide double bed.

While a modified version will eventually be added to the Boeing 747-8 fleet, the all-new Allegris first class will make its premiere in 2024 on a fleet of Airbus A350 aircraft stationed in Munich.

Only three first class suites will be available on the A350s, with a twin-berth “Suite Plus” in the center and two other, more traditional first class suites arranged in a single 1-1-1 row.

But while the two-person ‘Suite Plus’ will of course cost more than those solo suites, “it might not be twice the price,” says Kai Peters, Lufthansa’s Director of Customer Experience, who talked with Executive Traveller on the sidelines of this week’s Allegris launch in Berlin. Peters anticipates that in addition to high-flying couples, some individuals seeking more space and solitude will select the expansive center suite, which has a 3.7 square meter footprint and a 117cm seating area compared to the 77cm of its window-adjacent siblings.

In order to give meals more of a restaurant-like feel, couples traveling together can seat next to or across from one other at an extra-large table. The ottoman travels forward “and the backrest pivots up and out,” Peters explains as Executive Traveller checks out a mock-model of the suite. The ottoman is situated just beneath the enormous 4K television screen. The mock-components up’s and finishing show how meticulous Lufthansa was with the design and its goal to replicate the first-class traveling experience.


Only the Suite Plus was on display at the Berlin launch, but we can confirm that it is spacious enough to comfortably seat four passengers—two on the main seating and two more perched on the ottomans—in case you want to invite other first class passengers over for a cocktail party or a game of cards.

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