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How to apply and register with us

First of all a warm welcome visiting our club. You're currently one step closer to become part of our member. While Imperatore is strictly upon referral or special invitation only. Nevertheless we are available for registration by using our website registration form absolutely free. After successfully submission of your registration on our website, you will start your journey with us on a "BASIC" status. If there is any requirement, our representative will be in touch with you to assist you on the procedure to upgrade your  Imperatore member.

Imperatore Status and Upgrade

*** FREE ***Top-up e-Wallet / Spend THB50,000 in a month
Top-up e-Wallet / Spend THB150,000 in a month
*** For Invitation Only ***

Steps for application

Step 1 - Go to Register Form and fill up all respective columns, click agree on privacy policy and continue.

  • Kindly leave the Card No. as 0000123456 if you are prompt to key in Imperatore Card number.
  • Please read our "Private Policy" before clicking "Continue" for submission.

  • Step 2 - you have successfully registered and may login to use all our club benefits and privileges.